Live from HK (last day)-damages today and thank goodness it's over

yea~~really thank goodness it's over, now the headache part is how to ship all my toys back :P Over and out from HK

Timehouse 12inch Another Agito & Ultimate Kuuga

Medicom RAH Crow x Worst comic version 12inch figures


JuN said...

Timehouse Another AGITO & KUUGA!!!!
I am so officially jealous now...........
Maybe u could post a guide on how to ship toys back, for the benefits of other toy collectors :P
just a suggestion though

kenmoo2007 said...

hi jun, it helps if your spouse travels with you, otherwise, i bring 01 x hand carry and 01 x large expandable canvas luggage (e.g.POLO brand).

Stuff all my clothes into the hand carry and you have a big empty luggage to put all your buys.

Reminder thou, you have to bear in mind how your toys can fit into that space. Lastly, use some of your "used" clothing to act as protective sponge during the airport check-in/handling.

That's normally how i ship my toys back with me. It also control my wallet:P

Other dudes has any good ideas, please contribute here as well :)