PS3 > Metal Gear Solid 4 - Guns of the Patriots

At long last, MGS4 for ps3 is finally here. In fact, it was released in HK on the 12 June while i was there. I hesitated to get it HK because i thought SG will be cheaper. The difference was $10 cheaper in HK but what the heck, it's a worthy game.
Being just a mild core gamer, i only buy the normal US version. In HK, there's 3 different version namely:- normal (US), jap and deluxe collectior(2-disc). So far, i've only seen the normal US version near my place, so that's it...must buy.

During startup, there's minor online updates required (est.10mins) so it's best you've internet connected to your PS3

how considerate of Konami, they knew we had to smoke during the wait...hahaha

front cover


Time for some stealth action and trial gameplay, over and out...

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