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yea~~best thing about Hk is you can shop whole day till your leg breaks and still enjoys a good value meal. I love HK "coffeeshop" (茶餐厅) and not those SG imitations, do you?

MeiXin (MX-美心) dinner set meal (HUGE pork chop with chix wings)
The best grilled pork chop I've eaten so far. It's HUGE and feel like eating a steak.It comes with a icy fruits jelly drink. All for only HK$35 (S$6). Beat Macdonald's value meal anytime dudes.

Original HK Ice Lemon Tea( 冻柠茶) > my wife's favorite, it almost has an whole lemon inside.
Better than those KFC lemon tea or any lemon tea we've tasted in SG.

ManJi's Desert > Mango sago cream with pulps (满记甜品>杨支甘露)
SG actually did a decent interpretion for this desert but for the same price, HK is 2 times the portion. Good value.

SeaView's beancurd & youtiao (海景>豆浆+炸两)
The youtiao is actually wrapped with zhu chang fen (猪肠粉), one of my all time favorite in HK. Had this everytime i am there.

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