Tokyo Toy Show 2008 (東京おもちゃショー2008) part 2

photos source credit from SARU.
Hot Toys 12inch IRONMAN~looking much more potential to buy now

Hot Toys-TDK 1/6 Batmobile
questions answered, yea~~it really can fit in HT 12inch Batman

better looking HT dark knight? or a Fatman? shall know soon when official pix is out...

angelina jolie in predator?

do not know which character is this but it's really nice (IMHO) if it's 12inch articulated

my buddy simon requested his revoltech fist of north star, why still unpainted?

movie version of DX Go-onger

my theory :P every toy is beautiful if you've got a nice display

Not enough? this heavy dose LINK will take you to 1000++ more photos of this show :P

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