(part 2) opening of 1/6 scale Project BM AKIRA "Kaneda Shotaro"

ok a lot of collectors asked me to elaborate the pro and cons of this figure so here's what i personally feel lacking:
- leather material too thin
- nude body is too skinny

- could have made proper zipper/buttons etcs for the leather jacket and pants, instead they use small hooks and thin threads to hold it together

- poor workmanship, a lot of loose threads and uneven sewing
- unnecessary additional head because they could have made the goggles removable
- head ball joints too small, potential threat when changing heads

Overall, i just feels that after more than 10 years of waiting. This figure feels like a Knock-Off version of Kaneda and not justifiable as a original Project BM product at this price tag. (Cheaper, maybe yes)
They should have the decency to research and development how the clothes and accessories compliment each other into a 12inch scale with the current technology.

In the end, i just feel that they are just making this figure to squeeze fast cash from collectors.
My rating follows:
Packaging - 3/5
Sculpting - 2/5
Paint - 2/5
Articulation - 3/5
Accessories - 3/5
Outfit - 1/5
Value - 1/5
Overall - 2.5/5 (Sincereity - Zero)


saruman said...

arghhhh! it's a crap!

@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

sorry to hear about the poor quality, ken :( especially after all that waiting and anticipation SIGH! that's why i give up on medicom liao

kenmoo said...

true, but it's still not a bad pcs lah as long the quality equal the price. Cutting down on Medicom products as well, too bad they still holding Kamen Rider line if not i stopped long time...sighzzz

desmond said...

S$280 for this is too much. I think Medicom is very sure the bikes are in popular demand. So, they don't focused more on the figures as they know most collectors will buy it to complete the "Akira" set.

Armand said...

Sorry to hear about the poor figure Ken. Medicom should really step up their game with a price tag like that.

Maybe they should have done a 2 in 1 thing where the bike comes with a Kaneda figure instead of having 2 seperate items.

Yee said...

Why am I not surprise at the review. Well I used to be the sternest Medicom Supporter but after many broken arms, legs and my crumbling pleather clad Rider Old No.1 Ver2 (and Tiger Joe, Lion Tiger etc).. I had to say stop to Medicom. But then for a Akira fan, there is little choice isn't it? :)