opening of 1/6 scale Project BM AKIRA "Kaneda Shotaro"

This latest 12inch figure personally doesn't quite meet the usual BM Project quality, the material feels cheap and the workmanship looks crappy.

It's definitely a ripped off for those who bought the bike first. If just the figure alone, i don't think it justify the hefty price tag. In my honest opinion, buying this figure is just to complete the bike, standalone by itself is not worth it.


saruman said...

hmmm mine should be here soon... but yes it's too pricey!

Fat Gecko said...

Whoa...not a good news for me then. But you are right, the justification to get the figure is only for complimenting the bike.

desmond said...

I don't know Akira figure very well. So, can't see the difference between RAH and BM Project :)