Hasbro's new Millennium Falcon review on youtube & mwctoys

Really can't wait to get mine soon, though my friends has informed me that all the big dept store has ready-stock but their $340 price tag really turns me off. Hopefully the other toyshop is more reasonable, meantime we will have to drool on whats on this video..sigh

Below is a cool japanese youtube on how to paint the details on Fine Mold's MF model kit. Pretty cool tutorial & technique to try on the Hasbro's new MF?

Also, do check out the latest comprehensive review of this monster in MWCTOYS. It's worth your while if you are getting it. I will quote some important points which i find it interesting and important for fast reading.

(review quotes & images courtesy from mwctoys review)
"once you assemble the Falcon (attaching the front mandibles), you cannot take it apart again, and it won’t fit back in the box. That’s right, the box is actually SMALLER than the final product. This is, in every possible way, not a box for MIB collectors."

30% larger than the previous (30 years ago)

"The original Falcon design showed a clear decision to focus on the outside of the ship. The interior pretty much looked like the inversion of the exterior, with a dejarik table, training remote, and gun port stuck in to make it fun. Nothing was, to put it mildly, aiming for screen accuracy. The new ship fixes 90% of that. We’ve not only got the same basic areas from the original mold covered (the gunport, the dejarik table, the training remote, the smuggling compartments, the cockpit), we now have them rendered extremely close to movie accurate."

Things to Watch Out For:
"When you get hit home, check for two bags, one of which has landing gear, missiles, and laser cannons, and the other of which has smuggling compartment panels. Somewhere in there is the radar dish as well. Also check for the sticker sheet and the instruction booklet. The two front mandibles come separate, and the cover panels. If that’s all there, you’re good.

Also, advice I’ve seen on the boards: put in batteries and make sure the lights and sounds all work before putting on all the stickers. Missing parts can be sent to you – but if the electronics don’t work, you have to return it, and those stickers will have been a waste of time…"

Get the full mwctoys review HERE


Mikey said...

FineMold's model kit Falcon damn detail. Just feel the Hasbro's Falcon too thick. See tonight 4D results. ^.^

kenmoo2007 said...

different means of usage bah i guess..FineMold's is screen accurate and only for display (1.5k ~@~!!) while hasbro MF is meant to be playable and enjoyed (still ex) don't thinks small kids can afford it...toys getting much too expensive. Maybe in future, all kids becomes geek playing PC games, toys might be obsolete haha...

Mikey said...

I saw a family with 3 kids bought a LEGO Star Wars $499 on Saturday!!! And they are small kids who can afford asking daddy to buy!

kenmoo2007 said...

spoilt kids X rich daddy = talented genius who can built rockets from lego in future...good investment on the rich daddy wallet...they will save mankind from planet destruction...hahaha..i will kick my boy (xmm) out of the house if he does that...i rather he built a time machine then i can win 4D/toto which opens last week..muahahaha