snapshot > batman 12inch collection

Here's a quick snapshot of my batman display columns:
Quick comparison: Medicom Batman Begins (left), Hottoys Batman-TDK (center), Takara Batman Begins (right)...hopefully Joker will be in tomorrow, this column needs a better class of villains.

Cam: N95 handphone camera

Cam: Canon 450D


JuN said...

Nice display!
Takara Batman is asking peeps tot alk to his hand? hehe
btw, where did u get that cool shades for Bruce Wayne?

kenmoo2007 said...

thanks jun, the shades & handphone comes with saturday toys suit.

JuN said...

btw, can I ask how u always do those multi images montage or mosaic with flickr?

any help is much appreciated!

kenmoo2007 said...

hi jun,
no problem, there's abit of manual graphic works, not automated :P

(1) Find the main page of your flicker photo sets (those with thumbnails)
(2) Screen capture it ( i use snagit)
(3) Edit/crop in adobe photoshop or any photo editing programs you have.
(4) Done..!!

Simple, hope this helps :)

astrogalaxy said...

Very COOL Batman figures!
Batman is one of my favourite!