Hottoys 12inch TDK - Joker (bank robber) official pix released

Let's wrap and end the long update with the official photos from hottoys.As mentioned in my previous post, HT will release this new joker bank robber version in Nov/Dec.Pre-orders start now in HK for HK$950

click below for previous pixs


deSMOnd said...

wah lao! Again..Can Hot toys give us some time to recover or not?? Siao liao lor..

Little Plastic Man said...

Horror! I actually did not buy the Joker first version but I really like this version...I think I will buy this! LOL
Desmond - They might come out version 3 - the nurse version..LOL

kenmoo said...

stop the press, can't they make gordon or two face 1st? :P sick of too much joker already...hehehehe

deSMOnd said...

@LPM - Huh?! I pray HT doesn't release the nurse version..
@Kenmoo - Ya hor! HT might release the two faces leh..I think the possibility is very high..have to save money liao..damn it!!

Mike Tan said...

If there are more releases on TDK. I'll go for Gary Oldman (Gordon), one of my all time favorite actor. Beside Al Paccino and Robert DeNeiro.

My bet is HT will release the nurse version. Or even the rest of the robbers. They already got the mold. They gonna make full use of it and make more moni. We are being suck dry little by little, bit by bit.