THE DAYS (歲月) movie trailer

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Sg needs more talents like these~!!

(IMHO) This is SG style of "Young & Dangerous" or my manga favorite "Crows x Worst". As seen on it's official website and blog, the tone and marketing execution look way cool & stylish, definitely a MUST support kinda movie in my list. I am excited on how well the trailer looks, it kinda brings back memories in our "good old~~ days" and how we wanted to translate our story into a movie like this, maybe you can relate yourself in some of these characters?

Set to premiere in 11 Sept, “歲月 THE DAYS” is a new upcoming Singaporean-made feature film from Originasian Picture and Company X - directed by Boi Kwong (邝子君).
Based on a true story, this movie tells a cautionary tale between two brothers, set between 1989 and 1990. In a misguided effort to teach BABY (IVAN LIM 林殿文) independence, and to make him feel protected, ZI LONG (JUSTIN CHAN 陳嘉健) brings him into his own gang of delinquents, introducing him to his group nicknamed “The 4 Heavenly Kings” – DOG, the silent fighter; COCKROACH, the loudmouth and TAUPER, the motorbike riding free soul together with their surrogate leader JEREMY TAN. Unknowingly, his decision has thrown them both into a tumultuous and violent world that will, in different ways, imprison them both.

Starring Justin Chan 陳嘉健, Ivan Lim 林殿文, Avery Ang 洪國雄, Kevin Tan 陳宋良, Derrick R, Jason Ho 何書盛, Anthony Levi Kho 許智強, Adele Wong 王惠珊, Adora Wong 王惠琴, Yeo Yann Yann 楊雁雁, Richard Low 劉謙益.

The Days 歲月 Teaser

The Days 歲月 Cinema Handphone Teaser

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