who say kamen rider is for kids?!!

The movie spin-off of the 2007 Kamen Rider Series, entitled Kamen Rider Den-O: I am Born! (仮面ライダー電王 俺、誕生) will be shown in theaters in Japan August 8, 2007. The film will take place in an alternate timeline and will feature the Edo Period along with a new Rider, Kamen Rider Ga-O.

The actor who portrays him is Hiroyuki Watanabe (渡辺裕之, Watanabe Hiroyuki), who had previously portrayed Commander Akio Ishimuro in Ultraman Gaia and Taiga Saejima in GARO. Watanabe, at 51, is the oldest individual to portray a Kamen Rider. It is visually based on a crocodile, which looks like a Big Zipper to me...hahaha :P

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