First of all, there's too many snacks in shilin, it's impossible to finish them all.
Just a few "die-die must try dishes"
And I've managed to ate smelly toufu in different style, 碳烤臭豆腐and fried...sedap~!

the crowd is extremely huge~~!! headache haha

豪大雞排,this is the original stall long Q but worth the wait.

Ruby drink stall, it's a new drink in shilin we tried and it's a great drink for thirst.

雪花冰, 花生冰 yes..alot of ice cos it's summer. And there's alot of variety too..must try...each has it's own different taste.

海友(士林老店)十全排骨湯, this is different from Sg Buk Ku Teh.

video of snacking in shilin (est.2mins)

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