Medicom DX2006 12inch Kamen Rider old no.2 & Hakaider

Yeah~!! Yeah~!! my amazon japan orders finally arrived this morning.

From ordering>payment>shipping took about 12 days including the weekends.
Good packaging & the box are still mint in condition. Missed these 2 figures when they were out for awhile and thought will never be able to find them liao...lucky amazon japan still got stock left,:P

Including shipping,
"Real Action Heroes DX 仮面ライダー旧2号 Ver.2.0 RAH-288"
cost S$178.00

"Real Action Heroes DX 人造人間ハカイダー"Haikaider
cost S$169.00

So for those who wants to get them as well, go to amazon japan while stock last.
Now have to shelve them for awhile and find time to play with these 2 gorgeous figures later.

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