Taiwan-Taipei>1-June-07>101, 永康街, 冰館, 宜蘭小吃

we went to 101 Tower for a magnificent view of Taipei

a coral exhibition at 101 tower, see how detail the artist curve on the coral.

after that, we went to meet our friend, Jimi & Carey via MRT(捷運) for dinner,
had 宜蘭小吃@永康街

and desserts 芒果爽冰@冰館

Big and fresh mango and fruits dudes~!!..this is a must try, very different from HK, no wonder the business so good flooded with locals, Hk and Japanese tourists. Ya, I noticed there's alot of Hk and Japan tourist in Taiwan.

Too much food and snacks to eat until i forgot to take photos :P
Anyway, it's been a long time since I've catchup with brudder jimi..forgot to congrats on his wedding which i didnt attend and thanks for their hospitality during our stay.

And yes, all taiwanese are extremely courteous and helpful especially on their customer service..Singapore need to buck up on that area.

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Mikey said...

Wah, Jimi hair turn grey! Long time no see him. I nearly can't recognise him! What's he doing in Taiwan? Working?