2008 F1 Singapore GP (day one) - Practise Day - Rainy

As per Chinese saying, early morning rain represents "Huat Ah" (aka success + prosperity). I am 101% a car person, really~~
(a) the most car i frequent is either Taxi (last time before the price raise) and they are my GP driver when i am in a hurry..HAH
(b) i know what a lamborgini looks like cos' got many ASK or dunno whose son buy a lot here and  drive thru' orchard road very fast maichiam like GP quite often in SG nowadays
(c) i am a walking-living GPRS in my wife's car :P

Thanks to recent influences, we Singaporean gets to know more about F1 & GP drivers during our kopi session (tea time), even ah pek (uncles) know who is Lewis Hamilton and McLaren through SG POOL...damn classy...i am pretty sure either one of these famous drivers are getting a lot of "blessings" from us during their night race (1st in F1 history)...don't win, there's sure many curses...Well, please try to understand the "kind" intention of Gahmen, the world is changing, if we don't do it, we cannot stay on the TOP and help the citizens make more money in this "emerging world" (see yahoo news), so try not to throw all your CPF on this ok? If not, the withdrawal limit will change again to 100 years old. And i don't want to work in Mcdonald's when i am going to retire lah.

Anyway, just my cloudy and lazy F1 thought waking up this rainy morning. Feeling too lazy today, going back to sleep again, gotto work at 10am so that leaves me another hour to laze in bed. Here's the latest Italy F1 GP clip to accompany me in my dreams.


Kenny said...

Your wife drives a Lambo?!

kenmoo said...

hahaha i wished...typo la, amended :P

Kenny said...

Awww man.. got me excited there. About the Lambo of course.