dvd review: 第一诫 (Rule Number One)

There's quite a few bad review on this, i for once doesn't agree.
Having seen several ghost related movies so far, i would say this script is really good (not perfect) It's not always black & white but gray (e.g. Infernal Affairs) in the real world...hahaha. Unexpected pro-cinematography, grading and editing from Shaw (HK) Production (i think). If you didn't know that the movie director is Kelvin Tong from Singapore, you might thought that this movie was directed by a famous HK director.
I think the plot is quite similar to previous aaron kwok's "C+ Detective", which was shot in Thailand but i prefer this story and ending better. It's not your typical Pang's brothers, "The Ring" or ghostbuster movies but a good detective catch "thief" story. If you watch it in this perspective then maybe you might feel good about it? Go catch it on DVD out when you are free.

P.S. This movie poster really suck!! (IMHO)

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