PS3 > Star Wars:The Force Unleashed today in SG + full game cinematic

(latest update: 28-Sept-2008)
Compiled this 6 part cinematic from youtube (including alternate ending when you choose the darkside),let the below playlist run and you will be able to experience the full movie plot for this game. (est: 60mins) IMHO, i feel that this game movie is much better than the recent 3D animated Clone War :P

Overall, (IMHO) I think it's the best Star Wars game so far for fans. The graphics, cinematic, sound and gameplay makes you feels like you're in the movie.

I LOVES it when they use the actual movie opening...that's SW IMPACT~!! Recent 3D animated Clone Wars movie didn't, so it's abit disappointing for me.

There's definitely some flaws in this game e.g. slow loading and intense action sequence will tend to stagger abit but it's doesn't really affect the overall "movie-like" experience.My rating for this game is 4/5 for fans alike :P

Below is my own 8 mins "crappy-edited"  lousy gameplay for the opening :P
Will definitely play it again to improve my skills & unleashed more special moves.

For the game opening, you get to control Darth Vader, Damn "SONG" plus...Darth Vader knows 龟波气功!! (dunno how to inteprete that in english but what the heck)  
It's damn funny but shiok~!! :P

Plot spoiler, if you want a brief summary of this game


Mike Tan said...

Don't make me drool all over my laptop... me only got a PSP to satisfied my itch. Must go to your house one day and try :P

deSMOnd said...

I had it downloaded in my PSP yesterday. The game is damn shiok! I am now at stage 3 of the story mode. Which stage are you now, bro?

kenmoo said...

completed the game on Sun ending as jedi, now trying to replay to see what's the cinematic ending if i choose the darkside :P hehehe

deSMOnd said...

Wah! So fast man!! I should keep playing hard liao..haha..