18inch Mezcotoyz Hellboy 2 - part 1 almost NAKED

This is 18inch coolness from Mezco and it's my 1st figure from them as well. Got it 2 weeks ago and wasn't free to take photos. Why i buy it?! Because i like it Huge!! Just like 12inch but bigger with very fine details, articulation and clothes.
This figure has 3-in-1 look so i guess i will take 3 parts to finish shooting :P
Here's Part 1: almost NAKED

Size comparison with the 12inch dudes

I love opening a new toys with surprises. And this one really surprises me.

Initial toys comes wearing his coat and a black long sleeve but i was tempted to take it off. Just to see if Mezco is lazy about their production. To my amazement, they didn't~~
The entire body is textured and tatoo as seen in the movie...Plus+

There's estimated 12points of articulation with exception to the lower part of the body, knees & feet (due to the heavy weight),  articulated knee might not be able to maintain and hold it's pose. So, i guess it's a good move.

Excellent likeness (thou i prefer the "cigar-smoking" version), bendable tails!! another plus++ .

more photos in my flicker album
to be continued...soon

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