Prep for tokyo trip 12th May

Thanks to all the bros for helping me getting organized for my 7 nights Tokyo holiday this coming May.
Bros credit as follows:
Roy (endless rumbles)
Shaun (fortress of testicular fortitude)
Mike (mikey lalaland)
the wonderful guys from The Falcon's Hangar

Am almost firm/settled on the itinerary since it's going to be a free and easy trip with my wife...more or less i will get lost and make a lot of hit and misses :P..sounds exciting right?
hahaha...and i will try blog LIVE and facebooked about do stay tuned :P

I am so excited that i can't sleep at night hahaha...maybe this round i will bring my faithful R2 along as well...below are my weapons to conquer Nippon :P


Joshua said...

have a safe trip ken. and KEEP US POSTED! =D

Mike Tan said...

Bon voyage! Go and get lost in Tokyo! Enjoy!

Shaun said...

Have a great trip, Ken! :)

Anonymous said...


I was googling 'toy collectors singapore' and I chanced upon ur blog.

I see that u're an avid collector of toys ala figurines and I have a collection of my own since young. I am trying to get rid of em but I think it's a waste for me to just dump it or even sell it to garang guni. So I was wondering if you'd want em?

I have a collection of X-Men, DBZ, Batman and TMNT figurines all in not-too-bad conditions.

If you're keen I can give em to you for free.

My email is Do contact me if you're keen. :)

desmond said...

Wah bro, Shiok!! Looking forward to your LIVE posts in Tokyo soon!!