Marié Digby - Unfold (CD)

Marié Christina Digby (born April 16, 1983) is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist. She is best known for her acoustic cover version of Rihanna's No. 1 hit "Umbrella", which attracted attention on YouTube in 2007.

There has been controversy over Digby's YouTube popularity. As of September 2007, her homemade music videos have been viewed over 2.3 million times on the video sharing website.It has been suggested by The Wall Street Journal that she feigned a grassroots effort and amateur status in order to generate buzz as part of an online marketing campaign created by Hollywood Records, a strategy sometimes labeled "astroturfing". She has responded, writing on her blog that she never lied about being signed to Hollywood Records and has stated that her videos were her own "desperate" response to a lack of promotion.

Digby's first official single, "Say It Again", was released to radio stations on January 18, 2008. Her debut album, Unfold, was released on April 8, 2008

muxtaped again
Another successful viral & youtube marketing product, i'm also "desperate" due to a lack of promotion, any sponsors??? :P

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