Iron Man's Adventures

(comic alliance)
This cool Iron Man cartoon over at the new site looks to be the first of three CGI cartoons by ULTIMATE ALLIANCE animators Blur Studios. In their website, there's also several animations & cinematics they've worked on, so drop by and take a look at their reel.

This animation rocks, really nicely done up though (hopefully) it will take few year (or ages *sigh) for us to see them crossover in a big epic marvel movie. Meantime, we have this animation to quench our thirst. Enjoy~~!!


Kenny said...

Hulk smash!

Amazing. Who, where and what are they making this for? Some cartoon?

You know, a CGI Marvel movie with all the big hitters won't be so bad after all.

kenmoo2007 said...

hi kenny, just edited & juiced up the info for this animation in my article.i believe that's Marvel intention ultimately, maybe this is a trial test of reaction :P

Kenny said...

Thanks for the info.

So it's by the people behind the MUA game. MUA was a great game.

I'll be sharing this on my blog too.