[STGCC 2011] My only loot: Hot Toys Toy Fair Exclusive-Predator 2-Shadow Predator

Go Hot Toys Booth, sure wallet itchy right?
I think most HT collectors really enjoyed themselves this year, especially myself.
For a fraction of $10 entry, you don't have to fly over US or HK to gain the full access to their latest prototype display and exclusive. I wasn't expecting to get any HT ToyFair Exclusive as we all know how crazy the queue is.

This is the only exclusive available on the last day, so anything is better than nothing right? :P

Here's a snapshot from my iphone on the unboxing.

Overall, i think it's a impulsive purchase due to the hype over so many cool toys coming soon from HT but hey, it's still a pretty decent piece for most Predator fan.

O..ya...i think i dig the Hot Toys Iphone 4 casing even more..heehee :P


desmond said...

If there is a mask to be given with this piece..It's definitely much better!!

LEon said...

I didn't know Hottoys had iPhone 4 casing. Good for you bro.