Army Open House'09 (3-7 Sept 2009)

3-7 Sept 2009, 9am-7am
Pasir Laba Camp
Please visit the below website for travel directions:
The grand entrance
Expect a very torching weather and BIG toys awaiting in our 3rd generation army display.
SAF will not disappoint you with all their latest display!!
If you are a boy/girl who loves BIG gun, this is for you~~!!

For me, the most worthy trip is going for the SAR-21 live firing, you get 5 rounds of ammo (with supervision, of course)
No...we are not heading for shower, this is the hygiene headdress to protect your pretty hair from the helmet :P
Overall, it's a wonderful experience for the whole family, especially for the daddies and boyfriends who can brag about their lives in the camp.
more hi-res photos in my flickr here:

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