(snapshots) opening of Hottoys 12inch Blade II - Blade

Here's a few snapshots for my blade 2 this evening. If there's a award for "Best Toys Packaging Design" i think we know who the contender is :)

back of the box

side profile

side profile (i like this side)

open box-comes with a insert

This figure is simply awesome and most photos from the toys forum (including mine) can't justify how well this figure is produced. Once you hold and play with it, you'll know what i meant.

nice, neat and easily removable

this face sculpt was a great improvement than the prototype in which case i gave it a miss previously.

lots of accessories for you to play with

sword is not die-cast but i guess that's good cos' the hand joint can't support too heavy items during display

the tattoo at the back of blade neck

Am giving this figure a 8.5/10, mainly for the surprise factor and value for money. Facial expressions can be improved but it's the best blade 12inch figure in the market. I love the accessories and the additional jacket provided. *thumbs up!!


saruman said...

Wow! very very nice indeed!

deSMOnd said...

Yes Ken, I agree with you. Lots of accessories comes with Blade figure. I saw the actual figure and facial expression is a great improvement from previous prototype. As for packaging, I prefer the 5 panel box. Anyway, I am going to collect mine during lunch today :P

kenmoo said...

ideal box packaging is as compact as possible while at the same time it doesn't damage the figure during shipping. too many stacks of box in my collection and it's taking too much space, quite a waste

The Rebel said...

Way cool! I'm still deciding whether to get this or otherwise (my toy-pusher is constantly sending me SMS to 'persuade/poison' my mind...LOL)....

For the record, I absolutely love the new packaging style...simple yet beautiful...and as u've pointed out I too would like to see compact packaging for these 1/6 in the near future....saves us all the space!

desmond said...

Talking about compact packaging, I like Medicom box size and current Sideshow box size in Star War series. They are slim in thickness and shorter in width and length. For box design, definitely is Hot Toys :)

The Rebel said...

Mr kenmoo....Gong Xi Fa Cai to u and family....have a prosperous year of the tiger ahead!