Wendy's = Mac?

Am not too sure if there's any Wendy's fan in SG but IMHO it really taste like MacDonald.

 This Jurong Point branch started business in early May 2010

There's no sitting seat available, just standing types, so i guess they don't want you to hang around too long :)

the meat patty is really not that square as per their signature poster indicates...O ya...i forgot...actual product may vary?

Anyway, verdict....nothing fancy or special, gimme a MOS or BK burger anytime.
There's no return value for me, i rather sit in MacDonald which is more comfy?


desmond said...

The patty looks dry..Seems like not juicy leh..What?! No place to sit?! For 1st time consumers, can try..If really not nice, they will not come back..

kenmoo said...

ya its really dry..you can try mac quarter pounder, more juicy than this