Singtel's iPhone 4 launch @ MBS

Went to collect my iPhone 4 this morning (10am) at Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall, lucky for me, my re-contract with Singtel is able to get this free, else i won't go there as well.
(see my report of Singtel's 3G iphone collection in 2008 Aug HERE)

This is my 1st visit to MBS, the area is still under development, but the main facilities were quite nicely built.

The convention hall is quite big, luckily for these directional banner, i managed to breeze through the event hall.

Not much queue, GOOD!! :P

Singtel tries to decorated the walkways with boards of iPhone 4 new features. It's useless to me, i just want to collect my phone FAST!!!

Registration booth inside the hall, why am i not surprised there will be a lot of iphone fans whenever there's a new gadget launch. While queuing here the staff will give you a goodies bag.
This queue takes around 20mins. After that, proceed to collection/payment counter and within 5mins you can leave~!!!

The entire process from registration to collection takes around 25mins, not too sure if it was that easy and comfortable for the other telcos during the midnight launch?

Several booth were setup as well, this is one of my favorite iPhone app "Angry Birds"
Am not too keen to visit the other booth so i didn't take much photos.

Home sweet for the unboxing, below is the goodies when you're queuing for the registration. Contains several snacks and a bottle of mineral water, just nice cos' i didn't have my breakfast in the morning.

iPhone 4 Box Design 1 - apparently it's the same size as the 3GS box, wonder why they have the white box even though i got the black version. By the way, white color is not available yet till end of this year.

iPhone 4 Box Design 2

Same screen size as 3GS, but it;s now slightly heavier due to the new metal frame.

As the new iPhone 4 uses the new micro-SIM, Singtel provided a new card and inserted in for me. Activation will takes about 1-2 working days, so I can't try out the "Antennagate" issue that many users are facing at this moment.

Standard Accessories package, USB charger is the same as 3GS

Time to play and try out the new features!!

Here are some test shot i took with the built-in 5mp camera, looking good~!
Front focus

Back focus

Front focus with built-in LED flash

Back focus with built-in LED flash

iPhone 4 360p video test

iPhone 4 720p video test


Kenny said...

How can activation take 1-2 days? Mine was only 30 mins bro!

ariyon176 said... about the coverage (Antennagate)...hope u cover this issue next post

kenmoo said...

@ Kenny, yupzz..SINKTEL suckzzzzz, anyway i found the temp solution :P

@ ariyon176 > antennagate issue coming up now