Think my blog psoting has returned to normal? yes? no? well, testing 1 2 3 :P

Out of Singpore in Kuala Lumpur now, will be back on sat...and ya..saying out loud as well...missing you my cute wife and XMM...muackz
Simply can't erase his cute face in my brain...every night need to see his photo then can sleep :P
Wahahaa...homesick in just a couple of days??? haizz...

Anyway, i'm typing this in the hotel lounge.
And speaking of...

Defination of Lounge
1.to pass time idly and indolently.
2.to rest or recline indolently; loll: We lounged in the sun all afternoon.
3.to go or move in a leisurely, indolent manner; saunter (usually fol. by around, along, off, etc.). –verb (used with object)
4.to pass (time) in lounging (usually fol. by away or out): to lounge away the afternoon. –noun
5.a sofa for reclining, sometimes backless, having a headrest at one end.
6.a place for sitting, waiting, smoking, etc., esp. a large public room, as in a hotel, theater, or air terminal, often with adjoining washrooms.
7.a section on a train, plane, or ship having various club or social facilities.
8.a cocktail lounge.
9.Archaic. the act or a period of lounging.
10.Archaic. a lounging gait.

If you finished reading the above lines...you are also lounging your time same like me...hahaha..
Anyway, time's up...got to go for my meeting...ciaoz~~

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