This is it~!! Heroes season final next week~Everything blows up

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This is it, the penultimate episode of HEROES.
There’s only one more to go. It’s kind of sad to see the end coming, although I must say it’s been a long journey. Actually, the way things lay out is weird. The shooting crew has been done for a few weeks. The editors and post production people are just now wrapping up. But the writer’s room is back in full force as of this week.

Season 2 is well under way; at least as far as the creative inception of it goes. It’ll be awhile before we air again, sometime in late September or early October. I believe the season 1 DVD will be out in the third week of September – which many of you have been asking about. Also, much excitement will be generated, I’m sure by HEROES ORIGINS. But there will be time to discuss that later.

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