blog LIVE from Tokyo-Day 2-Harajuku (原宿) & Shibuya (涩谷)

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006-tokyo trip day 2
hotel morning breakfast then a stroll to our nearby family mart (24hrs)'s good to have a good breakfast and feel refresh to see chiobuzz early in the morning...hahaha

007-tokyo trip day 2
morning train to shinjuku to buy my Hakone 1 Day trip for Day 03...lucky it's after 10am which is off peak hours...proceed to Harajuku after that.

008-tokyo trip day 2
took a morning stroll @ Meiji Shrine in Harajuku, nice and peaceful...

009-tokyo trip day 2
walking on the streets of harajuku...this video is about 3mins long, Warning..intensive japanese will have to strain your eyes to spot them...have fun!!

010-tokyo trip day 2
i saw my buddy, UZI in KiddyLand (Harajuku)...lolx...he has become the most popular USB drive in tokyo...hahaha

011-tokyo trip day 2
From Harajuku to Shibuya

012-tokyo trip day 2
Not much to see along this street but the Neon lights of Shibuya looks exciting and colourful

013-tokyo trip day 2
Shibuya smoking area...end of the video sign says no smoking while walking ( i guess?)

014-tokyo trip day 2
Viewing the Shibuya traffic @ TSUTAYA's starbucks

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