mister KM wants to go tokyo~!!

Mister KenMoo (KaMen rider) wants to go tokyo too~~!!

After his numerous plead and continuous whinning, I've once agreed to let mister KM gets onboard tonight's flight to tokyo with us. Hopefully he can sneak in free even though he's got a "instant passport"

Previous adventures with mr. KM in Egypt was rather pleasant as it's hard to find a 3rd person to help us take photos while on holidays...

so mr KM will, once again, be my mascot for the trip...norman bates voice in psycho,"no mr KM...you will not be sharing the bed with my wife...wahahaha"


chaz said...

hahaha can't wait to see the pics of him in Tokyo! wahhaha

desmond said...

Have a nice trip bro..Bon Voyage!!