Hottoys 12inch Predator - Major Alan Dutch Schaefer (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer (Arnold Schwarzenegger), the leader of the team and the protagonist of the "Predator" movie.
Dutch is an elite veteran. He and Dillon served together in Vietnam during the Battle of Huế. He is sent on a mission in Val Verde, under the belief that presidential cabinet members of Guatemala were kidnapped by guerrilla forces. After attacking the guerrilla's post, they discover that the men were actually CIA agents.
It is also known that Dutch and his team fought in Afghanistan for a time as stated by Poncho.
After the Predator kills all of Dutch's team and Dillon, and with Anna being rescued, he is the only man left in the jungle with the Predator.
Using a knife and vines to fashion primitive weapons and traps including a spear (with the knife as the blade), and a bow with an explosive-tipped arrow made from a 40mm grenade, he covers his body in mud after discovering the Predator sees through infrared, essentially making him invisible.
Though the Predator falls victim to a number of Dutch's traps, they fail to kill. Eventually, the Predator catches him and the two fight hand to hand. Despite his impressive physique, Dutch is no match for the Predator, only surviving when he manages to lure it into a trap where it is nearly crushed by a log.
The beaten Predator then activated a self-destruct device for its suicide and to kill Dutch, but Dutch is rescued by the rescue helicopter that saved Anna.

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desmond said...

Bro, another great figure to keep :P

Joshua said...

daaaamnnnn that's one fine figure ken! originally ordered it but cancelled due to budgetting.

honestly i'm so tempted. now your pix are tempting me real baddd

kenmoo said...

hahaha~~whats dutch without predator? or vice versa? the 2 of them is a couple to get for your collection.

desmond said...

Yes, agree with Ken. Got Dutch is not enough, Predator is a must to at least complete the collection.