new collection > snapshot of HT 14inch predator & kurbrick darth vader (ep3)

Finally arrived today, 14" high fully poseable Predator collectible figure from the 1st Predator movie...manz..this damn swee...(news detail can be found in my previous post here)
Here's a few quickshot taken at TFH when we open and play our new toys :P

Hottoy's packaging design is getting better and better
it comes with a extra hosting cover which is hard plastic and pattern embossed just like the movie when predator is in stealth mode.
when you take out your figure to play and noticed that the lights doesn't work..don't panic..the batteries is inside the instruction sheet which you will have to put it in the figure manually.
really, what can i say? the sculpt and paint job is really good (as in shiok) definitely a MUST-BUY for Predator fans!!

Plus, a special surprise that this little kurbrick of Darth Vader (ep3) arrived as well and it was quite detail.
"You have done well, my new apprentice." - Darth Sidous
you can unmasked it~!! hahaha...sorry har...i hardly buy kurbricks so I am a bit taken off by surprise when the helmet can reveal it's charred face


actfigman said...

Hi Kenmoo..let me be the 1st to say...S*H*I*O*K...b4 HT released pics of their TermSalv John Connor this was on my wish list but its pretty mm..lets see la..the packaging quite nice ah they designed it so the figure can already pose in-box. Looks like a good investment..

kenmoo said...

yes!! this classic of all predators is a must buy...the feeling is damn shiok hahaha

Joshua said...

nice score bro!!!!

though might i ask, TFH already distributing preorders?? cauz i haven't got my notification yet...

desmond said...

As the first batch of preorders from U-Toys are quite expensive, I did not collect it last Friday. Haiz!! gotta collect it from the second batch next month. No choice!! save a bit for other stuff..I like your kubrick Darth Vader too :p

kenmoo said...

@ Joshua > just give tfh a call to check i think my preorder was in the 1st batch.

@desmond > no worries bro, at least it will still come next month, no rush...its good to save that money this month for rainy days :P