(5 July 09) Toy Carnival @ SAM Photos

Frankly speaking, this is not my first visit to the Singapore Art Museum, but the sunday crowd was madness...both levels of the glass hall and auditorium were packed like canned sardines...

Overall it's a fantastic homely gathering. Met and catchup with a lot of new. old, famous and long lost friends all in a day!! (it's like a Chinese New Year Reunion dinner hahaha)
Singapore toys collectors needs more of these event! It's never enough.

level 1 (glass hall) it's so jammed even the kamen riders can't get in~~!!hahaha
5-July-2009 Toy Carnival at SAM-056
level 2 auditorium
5-July-2009 Toy Carnival at SAM-062
if it's not the late rain around 4pm++ i think it will be more crowded due to the last minute price slashing war and everything must go kinda madness.

Some photos highlights below:
5-July-2009 Toy Carnival at SAM-052
Guess the lucky guy in Optimus mask...shhh...don't tell his girlfriend :P
5-July-2009 Toy Carnival at SAM-086
This custom made "Cylons" suit is damn sweet...moving lights and very loud sound!!! damn realistic~~
5-July-2009 Toy Carnival at SAM-101
TRE seen @ Toy Carnival having his vinyl lunch...
5-July-2009 Toy Carnival at SAM-082a
Complete photos in my flicker set or play the slideshow below:


Juliana said...

Holy toys, that's a lot of photos you took there. Made me feel a bit bad cos I didn't even take 1 photo! :P

I had a great time there yesterday and would have stayed longer if not for the impending afternoon rain at around 4pm.

As I walked towards Calton Hotel after leaving SAM, I met passerbys asking how to get to the Toy Carnival at SAM :)

desmond said...

Thanks for your photos sharing!!