Taipei Toy Festival 2009 (第六屆台北國際玩具創作大展)

Black MJ (jimi) photos are finally in~!!
Time to drool, here's some highlights:

It's summer now so nothing beats the heat by wearing bikini in the exhibition...Manzz, i need to go this event next year...hahaha
From real-life chiobu
to 12inch action figure..which do you prefer??..i'll take both please...
I like this series

Tons of Vinyl designer toys~!!
I like blood!! this figure is quite cool...

medicom display, very nice pose

Blackie MJ with Santastic he wants to take that home...hehehe
you can take photos of yourself as a action of cos
PUSH comic artist(阿推) poses with Blackie MJ

Kudos and credit to my bro Jimi in Taiwan...we must attend this show next year together manzz...especially in summer..hahaha
Below is the slideshow from my Flicker Set, 183 x massive images online exclusively for kenmoo blog readers...enjoy~!! :P

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