Hottoys MMS117 - 12inch Terminator 2 Judgement Day-T800

This is a Classic Masterpiece any Terminator fans die-die must buy~!!!
(Box Design-front)

"The Terminator" aka Model T-800 refers to a number of fictional characters portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger – a cyborg, initially portrayed as a programmable assassin and military infiltration unit.

(Box Design-back)

"The Terminator" character first appeared in the 1984 movie of the same name, directed and co-written by James Cameron, and its sequels.

(Box Design-slide-on)

The first film in the series features only one cyborg: the one portrayed by Schwarzenegger, although a second Terminator played by Franco Columbu is shown in a future flashback scene.

(Box Design-inner box back design)

In two sequels, Schwarzenegger's Terminator is pitted against other Terminators, and appears briefly in the fourth as a CGI model.

(Box Design-content)

(Box Design-the accessories)

the cybernetic arm

the fingers are fully articulated, most impressive

A box of roses which T-800 brought to the shopping mall in one of the action scene, it's used as a decoy where he hides his shotgun.

Hot Toys as usual delivers the smallest details

more details of the jacket as below (*thumbs up)

This is definitely Arnold~!!
More photos below:
Nothing matches HT quality and resemblance in the 12inch collectibles, there's hardly anything to complain about it, in fact, you will scream for more feature e.g. damaged version or led lights?

updated in my shelf display :)
I've posted more photos in my Flickr as usual, go HERE to view the full set :)
Flickr slideshow as follows:


saruman said...

look sooo real!!!

Shaun said...

More shelf pix pls! It's awesome!

desmond said...

Bro, thanks for all the photos. It seems like you have re-arrange your shelves for more Hot Toys figures. Keep collecting!!

kenmoo said...

@saruman > yea, thats HT quality :)
@Shaun > ok bro, will try to post more updated shelf pix soon
@desmond > yup, i sold quite a few old stuff to focus more on high quality 12inch else there will never be enough space since i cant expand my room...yet :)

Shaun said...

thanks Ken, looking forward to it and loving the potential of the word 'yet'.

Doon said...

Hey hey, cool pictures man. Fingers crossed mine should be here after the weekend yey!!

kenmoo said...

@ Doon > am sure you'll be very pleased with the quality HT has produced, have fun~!!!