iPhone 4 micro-SIM temp solution and Antennagate issue

As Singtel new micro-SIM takes 1-2 days to activate, i will have no choice but to cut my existing SIM card, since it will be obsolete when the new one is activated.
*latest update: my Singtel's micro-SIM was activated within 1 day

(see photos below)
It's actually quite easy, you just need a scissor :P

With regards to the "Antennagate" issue, i bet a lot of users hope SG won't have this same problem. But, it's true...the below photo shows the FULL signal when i hold the top part only.

See the red circle?

The signal drop 3 bars in my area when i grip like the above photo

Therefore, solution? Get a cover when u purchase your iPhone 4 :)
This cost me SG$21 with 10% discount if you buy at the launch.
There's cheaper cover as well, but none i fancy.

Anyway, the back cover of the iPhone 4 is really too glossy and attracts lots of finger print, therefore i will still get a cover before the free Bumper from Apple arrives.

Yes, the free Bumper is not included in the initial package as we will need to submit the request online in iTunes App Store as per indication from Singtel. After putting on the new back cover, the signal dropped 1 bar which is quite reasonable.

Overall, I am not too fussy because even at 2 signal bar, I am still able to make my calls.
However, it will be perfect if Apple had conceal that area in the initial design.
But nothing is perfect, right? Even it is, someone will still find fault with it :)

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desmond said...

Bro, it's true..Nothing is perfect and that's why we still got a job to make a living..Haha!!