Toy Carnival @ Singapore Art Museum latest update

Toy Carnival illustration
Yes, it's finally happening this Sunday, the Toy Carnival at Singapore Art Museum is set to go with a blast and all's looking mighty great from the new informations I've gathered below and their latest EDM (see my previous posts)

(a) There will be Free Popcorn and Candy Floss (while stock last) what's a carnival without them right? :P
(b) Free Comic and Toys Giveaways!! (while stock last)
(c) Many toys bargains and sale!!
(d) Wide variety of toys, collectibles and comics for both adults and kids!!
Toy Carnival Floor-Plan
CLICK HERE for a hi-resolution floor plan

(e) Expects a lot of cosplayers in this event, you really need to get that extra film or memory card for your camera :P Other than Star Wars, Anime and your favorite movie character, the full team of Kamen Riders (Masked Riders) and WWII soldiers will be spawning the museum...i was hoping to get this video shot if possible *heh

Well, it's going to be fun~!! Be sure to bring your whole family there!! Expect a detail coverage in my blog after the Carnival.


Joshua said...

i wonder what stuff they'd have on discount...muggs, hot toys stuff perhaps? hasbro star wars and transformers...

great time to score all.

desmond said...

I will be there this Sunday..See ya!!