AH LONG Noodles @ 815 AH LONG Noodles

(photos taken with iPhone 4)

I rarely eat out near my neighborhood, this particular coffee shop is only 2 block away from mine.

Situated in Block 815, lies this odd coffee shop which is under the void deck. It's called "Eating House 815". Staying for more than 12years here, i think I've only eaten not more than 20 times in this joint.

Mainly due to my job nature, it's always having dinner outside before coming home. So, I never really tried the food they had here until recently. I only remembered the Rojak here is quite good though.

On this particular day, I decided to try the noodles in this stall "AH LONG Noodles"
Why do i pick this stall? Mainly because we are having Wanton noodles craze these few days and of course the cheap price tag. They serve any type of noodles at only SG$2.00~!!!

Ok here's the look of their Wanton Mee.
Overall, before tasting it, IMHO for $2, it really look plentiful and huge.

After tasting, I can only say it's just average. The fried wanton is not my all time favorite but it's not crispy enough. Main problem i think they left it fried too long and the skin tends to be very "old", Charsiew is just plain OK, red color outside the skin is just for coloring only, it's almost tasteless.

And now lies the main role, Noodles, it's slightly 10% over done, therefore the QQ-ness is gone and almost becomes soggy.

Verdict? My rating is 5/10 (Average)
Not the type i will come back again, but for what it's worth, I will drop by when i feel too lazy to go out. My advice for this noodle stall is the boss need to have a signature noodle. He tends to cater too many varieties for the mass but none looks really special and taste excellent.

815 Eating House
Block 815, Jurong West Street 81
Opens 10am-10pm daily

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