Super Robot Chogokin - Mazinger Z

Latest installment from Bandai S.O.C (超合金) comes in small sizes. It's only in 14cm.
It's called S.R.C (Super Robot Chogokin)
Compact x Impact

With small sizes, comes reasonable small price, so i guess Bandai just wants to invade the Revoltech market as well.

Good news for Mazinger collectors, more light weighted on their wallet.

The styrofoam base is nothing to scream about, they can actually opt this out to give us more price rebate :P

Optional weapon set to purchase if you want to give him more punch

Measured at 14cm (140mm) height

Height comparison for it's processors

Overall, it's an excellent piece to collect, I would loved to recommend this new series to all Revoltech collectors, the weight and feel of this makes it worthwhile.


saruman said...

hmmmm... cool..

B-Mecha said...

I bought this mazinger and I really like the high quality paint job compare to revoltech. Time to stop revoltech and focus on this line :)