medicom 12inch RAH Space Pirate Cobra (snaps with iphone4)

Better late than Never :P
Finally, found some time to do snapshot of my previous collection.
It's also a good time to test out my iPhone 4 camera.

(via wiki)
Space Pirate COBRA (コブラ) is a space-opera manga series written and illustrated by Buichi Terasawa of the Black Sheep studio, originally appeared in serialized form in the Japanese shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1978 to 1984

Trailer from youtube:

This particular Medicom 12inch figure is designed based on it's 30th Anniversary animated movie in 2008, Cobra the Animation: The Psychogun

Overall, this is a good quality Medicom product that they should deliver to collectors.
Nowadays, Medicom QC and final product is not as good as before.

Their manga/anime character adaptation is so far the best for 12inch collectors.

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