Breaking News from Hot Toys today

(via HT facebook)
Our dear fans, this Winter Hot Toys will be bringing you surprise from the highly anticipated SUPERMAN (1978) movie license! Long-awaited by fans from all over the world, we’ll launch the first-of-his kind 1/6th scale collectible figure of this American superhero acted by notable artist Christopher Reeve!

Announcing this together is another great news, also much expected by our fans! We now proudly announce our new Korean extraordinary artist Mr Arnie Kim to join the Hot Toys family! Taking the lead is the long-awaiting SUPERMAN project! We hope this unprecedented project and collaboration will bring to fans great excitement and anticipation! More exciting projects with outstanding characters will be coming soon! So please stay tuned with us for update!
YESss...can't wait to see how good the prototype for Superman is~!!
And definitely a greater news for Arnie Kim fans, shall see what greater heights will this venture brings to 12inch collectors in future.

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Anonymous said...

perhaps they may make the dark superman from superman 3? he looks kinda cool by today's standard with darker colors costume n stubble. sort of like the latest superman