assembly of SIC hero saga vol.1

Finally, after numerous request and some free time allocated, managed to setup this huge piece.
In my previous post, the box is huge and each items are quite a heavy as well. Makes you wants to handle it more careful and don't drop it :)

Setting up was surprisely quite easy and not as complicated as thought. Completion within 5mins.

The battery luckily was allocated at the back of the backdrop, requires 3 x AA batteries. Red button marks the switch. 3 litted portion (A) the shocker eagle head in red, (B) The Operation overhead projector lights & (C) For operation bed, the headlights

Overall absolutely satiasfactory. Excellent paint job, detailing and feel.
This diorama will definately score full marks if there's more articulation or maybe music? :P
My rating is 4.5/5 a must get for hardcore kamen rider fans~!!

Below is a short video i took, hope you all will get a better view and aspect of this item.

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