part3-my toys collection (shelf B-below)

Part 3 (shelf B below)
Mainly some larger than 12inch figures, including some of the DX rangers robot i collected (old and new). More collections of DX and diecast will be included in this column.
Thanks to my springcleaning, i managed to have more space for new toys..that's good and bad news to my financial advisor (my bank)..hahaha

These banpresto 12inch vinyl kamen rider is supposed to be cut and custom made into fully articulated figures. Guess till i can find fitting clothes to start with....else most probably they will be perm there, hahaha

The 2 huge Otomo figures was a good catch about 5years ago in Hong Kong Street, there was this gift shop that import "china-made" vinyl toys and figures. Now this shop is no longer there. Whereabout is zero, if anyone know please contact me :)
I've also bought 2 huge detail godzilla and the 600mm Gundam from that shop as well.
Their price range from $50buck onwards....(thumbs up)

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