i-SOBOT Humanoid Robot

I want this robot for X'mas!!!! :P
The good folks at Guinness World of Records apparently have confirmed this robot is the "smallest robot in production" at 6.5 inches high. Produced by Tomy (Takara) at USD$299.99, due for early x'mas release in USA...Any of my friends who wants to pre-order this for my present may visit amazon.com ..i am waiting.. :)


From the Manufacturer:
The i-SOBOT is fully functional and features 17 custom designed actuators and gyro-sensor that allow it to keep balance and freely move joints for impressive performance, vivid movement, and incredible flexibility.
Robot includes speaking vocabulary of over 200 words and phrases and more than 200 pre-programmed movements. It's designed to follow up to 10 voice commands and is ready to go right out of the box!

Product Description:
Super-smooth movement in one cool robot! i-SOBOT has unbelievably smooth robotics. You'll laugh at his antics, watch him dance to the beat, do push-ups, somersaults, imitations of animals, hula, play air guitar, kick & punch with sound effects & respond to applause. 200+ action patterns performed by use of LCD remote control, by programmable memory, or by the sound of your voice. i-SOBOT speaks using 200+ words & phrases & can play music.

Here's a intro video from Youtube:

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