xbox360 - playing with Halo 3

Nothing fancy for me, just buy the regular version.
It's the content i am after not fancy packaging :)

gameplay-part 1 - basic shooting, my aims with console sucks, better off with mouse :P
Anyway, just wipe them out....sweeeepp la bro.

gameplay-part 2 - x2 shooting...need to trigger 2 fingers? wah fingers co-ordinates cannot make it..i can only do one thing at a time..haa..

gameplay-part 3 - license boys, tough ride for me..i rather handle the shooting

gameplay-part 4 - planting the bomb, if i can remember to dodge away

gameplay-part 5 - trying the bike license on wheels again

gameplay-part 6 - trying the bike again and dies again..haha

Overall 5/5!! worth the wait & wallet. Excellent, content, music, gameplay and graphic.
Everything is almost perfect tp end this trilogy. Maybe microsoft will comes out with Halo: Ultimatium?? haa..
Anyway, I am not a excellent 1st person shooter guy on the 360, the last game i did fairly well was in counterstrike where we use a keyboard and mouse. But hell, after playing 360's Gear of War, this is the best shooter game i am sticking with for the next few days.

There's a total of 9 chapters, and I am on chapter 8 after 6hours of gamplay on easy mode. Should be able to get the story complete next day.

Here's Halo 3 Video Review (source: gamespot)

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