(my toy collection) Bandai SOC GX-51 Getter Dragon (From Change! Shin Getter Robo OVA)

Just collected this today, I shouldn't have step into the toy shop but resistance from Chogokin is futile...damn

Nowadays am too busy and lazy to setup studio and photographs, so you guys will have to bear with these till am free and got mood to take good picture :)

The new chogokin body nowadays from bandai are sprayed gray so it's no longer raw chrome material which is good for collectors because we do not have to polish them over a period. The con is it's not as metallic as before.

Articulation are also far better from previous design, thus the poses are more dynamic now.

Nahhh...the arms can't fold like the below. The accessories actually comes with a folded arm which you can insert it. Quite a good idea actually.

Really enjoy posing this new getter dragon, it will goes well with my other die-cast getta collections!!!!

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desmond said...

Another piece of chogokin to be added in your collection..Keep collecting!!