STCC-Singapore Toy & Comic Convention (28 June)

(IMHO) There's definitely a lot of hit & misses for holding such a big event in Singapore,(merits to the organizers & exhibitors) nonetheless it's still a fantastic experience. There's also a lot of toys flying off the rack as well.

For a 1st timer, unexpectedly, SG does has the potential for marketing toys & comics, hopefully more toys companies & exhibitors will be participating next year. So, meantime, have fun, play and empty your wallet...your support will make it a better one for the next convention muahaha :P

STCC passport and event guide

the crowd just keep pouring's as crowded as IT show

thanks to imit k who help me to take this overall shot while i was "mob" and couldn't attend on the last day :(

there's a lot of cos-players walking around and phototaking

medicom booth still looks the same....sighzzz...

i want to be this lucky guy :P

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Mikey said...

Hopefully, if there is another one next year. I hope to see more pre-release toys exhibits rather than a big toy sale events. It almost like a flea-mart.

And hopefully more 1:6 scale figures and die-cast toys. Bandai, Hot Toys, Sideshows, Enterbay, Takara, Minichamps, Autoart, etc. This year a bit rojak. And I don't know why iSHOP and games peripheral was there for?

Kenny said...

@mikey: lol yeah. Even Seagate and Maxtor were there. HDDs for anime storage?

Mikey said...

@kenny: Yep. The organiser got to control man. Like the other event on Sex toys in Singapore Expo. They even got furniture exhibitors!

kenmoo2007 said...

yep, i totally agree with mikey. seeing such a huge turn-out, hopefully next year con will be bigger, better and well-organized.