blog template update & upgrade :P

After some feedback from readers, I've decided to update my blog template design today.
Firstly, I've changed to a 3-sided columns template so that my blog is not that long and tedious to scroll all the way down.

Secondly, added a "top of page" script (small arrow at the bottom right), in case my posts is too long, reader can click the arrow and go right up to the top of my blog.
(kudos to bloggerbuster for the above script)

Finally, I've removed all the ads banner cos' its slowing my blog loading and it's really not making any single cents at all...hahahaha....

Hope the above updates will enhance your reading pleasure :P


Kenny said...

Cool, except for the color. I hate green, but that's just me.

Shaun said...

layout works well, ken, nice.

kenmoo2007 said...

thanks for the feedbacks guys, appreciated *thumbs up*