Toy shops in Bangkok (updated in 11 August 2009)

My last trip to Bangkok (Thailand) was in July 2007, time flies and there's several changes to the toy shops since my last visit. See my previous post HERE

Here's my recommendations if you want to go toy hunting in Bangkok:
**Note: most toy shops closes between 6pm-7pm so plan your timing. And mostly the price are more ex than SG or HK too, so unless you are getting that rare collection you've missed else these places is just another walkabout to quench your toy thirst while away from home.

(A) Pirom Plaza (near Chinatown) **highly recommended**
Be ready to spend at least 1 whole day here!!
921 Mahachai Rd., Wangburapapilom
Panakhon, BKK 10120
Opening hours: 11:00am-6:00pm
Housed a huge collections of mainly gasphon collectibles and some misc action figures.
The one and only place i know in Bangkok which is for toy collectors like Singapores CSC and Hongkong's CTMA center.
Pure Otaku's heaven like Tokyo Aikihabara!!
There's also a lot of shops selling cameras equipments, card games and video games.
There's also a few scattered toy shops in Bangkok as well, but they are not so concentrated like Pirom Plaza.
(B) Fantasia @ Siam Discovery Center
444 Phayathai Road, Pathumwan
3rd Floor
(C) Iamtoys Exclusive @ MBK Centre
Address: 444 MBK Centre
7th Floor, Phayathai Rd., Wangmai, Pathumwan
BKK 10330
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Tay Hwah said...
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Anonymous said...

hello, I would like to know if you have the phone number of the fantasia shop in siam discovery center, caus I'm looking for "warhammers" and I would like to know if the shop is still there?

kenmoo said...

hi sorry, i do not have the number

S72 said...

How are the prices as compared to here? I am going BKK tomorrow and chanced upon your blog. Thank!

kenmoo said...

BKK toy price are slightly higher than Sg, depending on what type of toys you are looking for.

Rupert said...

Just an update to your extremely useful post - thanks.

There is now an IAmToys shop inside Phirom Plaza as well - and it's more friendly than the MBK branch!

There is also a great shop across the road in 'China World' mall (think the road was Thanon Pahurat) that the Iamtoys people suggested visiting - it's on the 3rd floor and sells all the hottoys 1/6th stuff plus loads more.

Anonymous said...

They also have BB gun test, too. I used to go there once, it was really cool! Here is number 02-222-8700

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am going to visit Bangkok and will ho to the Pirom Plaza. May I know if the toy shops open on Sundays?

andreas flink said...

Found this blogg yesterday while looking for places to buy pvc figures in bangkok.
Went to the place today and it's still much there.
The outside is covered in green covering for some renovation on the outside. Says "always one" something on the building. It's located between a big blue garage on the right side, and a white hotell on the other side. The inside had about 6-8 open stores that sold figures of all kinds, some other stores to. But when u went further in "wich means the backally" u will find tons of more little tiny shops there. If u head left and keep going, u will come to figurine heaven. Just filled with glasmonters packed with all kind of figures, everywhere u look. :D found me some one piece greatdeep collection heads i been looking for.

Heres a easy way to find it. Take the boat to pir 5, walk straight ahead untill u get to the main road, there u take a left. Keep on going along that road untill u reach a big intersection with KFC just to your left, and mc on the otherside to your right. Just on your right side u will see the big blue garage, pass it and u will find the shopping mall. :)

The funniest thing is that we realised when we been to the stor and went in to mcdonalds, thqt it was the exact same mcdonalds we visited our first time in chinatown a few days earlier, and how close the mall was. XD but at that time i didnt even know of the mall. :p