Supper Yummy, AL-AZHAR @ bukit timah road

This has been our recently supper place which is very economic and convenient for the west end boys :P

Type: 24 hour muslim kopitiam (cafe)
Address: bukit timah road (opp. beauty world plaza)
Rating: 4/5, considering it's the best 24hr place to eat in the isolated west end.
Price: Commoner level (which is good for us hahahaha)

Teh Limau (Lime Juice)

Teh Tarik (aka Milk Tea, shaken not stirred) hahaha

Kway Teow Goreng (muslim fried noodles)
The looks is not there but trust me, it's delicious :)

Satay Power (mutton) aka (BBQ/Grilled mutton on a stick)
It's surprisingly quite tasty than your average satay club in city~!!

Plaster (aka muslim pancake with an egg on the top)
The most common dish you will find in a muslim cafe.

Remember to bring some poser buddies/khakis so that you can take their photos after the supper (especially when you are damn bored)...hahaha :P
Poser Subject A

Poser Subject B


Joshua said...

wow..nice food....i'd check that place out! keep posting' on more foodspots! cheers bro!

Kenny said...

Hey I frequent Al-Azhar too...the nasi goreng kampung is to die for!

Shaun said...

the pizza prata is damn power too. Most of their food is quite worth the price.

kenmoo said...

wahhh...u guys powers too!! didn't expect this place is so well-known :P

deSMOnd said...

I will go to this place one day since you guys gave so many good comments about the food stalls there.

Kenny said...

There's not much 24 hrs eateries in the west. I think anyone staying in the west would have at least heard of Al-Azhar & Al-Ameen.